Water Recycling

The waste water from all fixtures is collected and treated for re-use via the on-site blackwater treatment plant. The recycled water is predominantly used for the flushing of toilets and urinals. This reduces the consumption of clean drinking water.

Waste Recycling

Individual bins and waste streams are provided throughout the building to maximise recycling. The cleaning staff will collect the separated waste stream and deliver it to dedicated storage facilities in the basement.

Facilities are provided to recycle glass, paper, plastics and cans. Collection points for each of these waste streams are provided in a variety of locations as part of the Waste Management System.

Waste Management System

The Waste Management System at 50 Lonsdale Street consists of a 4-tiers comprising;

  • Organic – food scraps such as apples, sandwiches and other items including teabags and coffee grounds. Bins for organic waste are located within each of the kitchen areas. Tissues and paper towels are not permitted in the organic stream.
  • Landfill – items that cannot be recycled or composted including coffee cups and paper towels. This can include items such as polystyrene, ceramics, crockery or pyrex, cling film and plastic packaging. General waste bins can be found at all utility points, kitchen areas and utility rooms.
  • Commingle – plastic containers, glass bottles or jars, milk and juice cartons and steel and aluminium cans. Commingle bins are located within each of the kitchens. Paper towels are not permitted in the commingle stream.
  • Paper and cardboard – all papers, newspapers, magazines, brochures and paper wrapping. Paper bins are located at utility points and utility rooms. Cardboard boxes must be flattened and placed neatly in the utility rooms before they can be collected for recycling.

In addition, the following additional streams are available:

  • Printer cartridges – empty printer¬†cartridges to be placed within the specially marked boxes within all utility rooms. Planet Ark provide a complimentary service, for further details please call 1800 242 473.
  • Batteries – batteries to be placed in the specially marked box at the concierge desk.
  • E-Waste – Microwaves, old computers, keyboards, pull up banners without the carry case, can be recycled within e waste collection point located in Basement 1.
  • Mobile phones – recycling of mobile phones and chargers in the specially marked receptacle at the Concierge desk.