The Architecture

The Architecture

50 Lonsdale Street is a diverse mix of interesting counterpoints between old and new, inside and out and large and small scale design – all of which help create a sense of ‘city’. Although a major commercial development including the latest sustainability features, historic elements such as 19th Century buildings – one of which is heritage listed – and laneways, were respected, reinterpreted and given new life. New buildings at ground level are designed as glass ‘shadows’, memories of buildings that might have formed an original low rise streetscape.

The public foyer is perhaps best described as an internal street with expansive views across the foyer and up into the building’s atrium. The functions and activities of the building are in view of the public. Its vitality and its people seamlessly merge with the life of the city around them.

The Urban Table cafe, located in the lobby interfaces with the public domain at street level. The cafe is both a functional and sculptural element that provides a setting for the daily experiences of impromptu meetings and informal activities of the office, drawn from the heights of the tower and woven into the public life of the street.

The transparent facade exposes the inner workings of the building while allowing more natural light through to the office space beyond. Improved glass technology achieves more transparency and solar efficiency.

50 Lonsdale Street was architecturally designed by John Wardle Architects, Hassell and NH Architecture.