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The Urban Workshop is a leading-edge development that reflects the commitment of ISPT to environmental sustainability features such as:

  • Modern fa├žade that uses glazing and external shading to optimise natural daylight levels and thermal comfort
  • Modern and efficient fluorescent lighting
  • Lighting zones to allow individual spaces to be switched off for energy savings
  • Carbon dioxide monitoring to ensure delivery of fresh air while reducing energy usage associated with the air conditioning system
  • An automatic building control system to optimise the operation of air conditioning and lighting to save energy
  • Located close to public transport and includes cyclist’s facilities and changing areas to promote riding to work
  • Low water-flow fixtures and a water recycling system to conserve water resources
  • Low emission paints and carpet to improve environmental air quality.

As a result, ISPT has achieved a 5.5 Star NABERS energy, 5 Star NABERS Indoor Environment and 3.5 Star NABERS water rating for the building.

Additionally, a Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) Green Star Office As-Built rating of 4 stars has been achieved, which represents Australian Best Practice.